A Parent-Toddler Program for ages 8 to 18 months

See your child grow through our SEED Little Explorers Program

Your baby’s exciting first experience in a school environment with the support of a loved one.

Our SEED Little Explorers Program is designed for parents and toddlers to joyfully explore a nurturing and stimulating environment that sparks your baby’s curiosity. We’ve developed this program to help you understand your baby better and create a sense of community with fellow parents. This is an ideal stepping stone to develop your baby’s sense of independence and ability to adjust to any new environment.

Learning is facilitated through an array of activities which help strengthen the parent-child bond. Through this bi-weekly program, you can explore baby yoga, baby sign language, enjoy music and movement activities, story time, art time and more! The program is specifically designed to focus on your baby’s important developmental milestones. Experimenting with our inquiry-based learning environment allows your baby to truly become a little explorer!



    Inquiry-based learning for your little explorer

    Our carefully planned bi-weekly program encourages your baby to:
    Not all centers offer our Little Explorers program. Ask your center coordinator for more information.


    Your child will love their first school experience!

    Here are a few sample activities they will do during their 1 hour session with Seed Little Explorers: